Thai Cafe - Chinese restaurant in Traverse City

      *Do Not Go*
    The worst This food i ever had in my life time.
    The ambience, cleanliness suck big time. This place looks cheap. I think more of take out.
    We ordered fried chicken rice and guess what rice was not fried it was squashed with chicken broth.

    thumb Tushar D.

      And the winner of the worst Thai food to date is now Thai Cafe.  Tom Yum soup contained seafood that was inedible.  What the heck happened to this place?  Service was a joke with the waiter leaving the dish in front of me.  I am now retired from eating Thai in TC.  Best description would be "gross".

    thumb Steven L.

      I tried again and it was the same result.  Got the veggie/tofu noodle.  I asked for mild, with a side of sriracha.  They forgot the sriracha and it had NO SPICE at all.  Too sweet and it was 90/10 noodle to veggie.  Stick with the Thai Kitchen on S. Airport...I will.

    thumb Tracy B.

      They have amazingly good food, but terrible organizational skills. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE - more often than not, it will be someone else's, which is a nice feature if you like to experience new things.

    thumb Ian A.

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